Many changes for the legendary monster Baron Nashor with upcoming patch 8.9

There are many balance changes for the legendary monster Baron Nashor with upcoming patch 8.9, according to the Riot announcement today.

For starters, Baron base damage is dropping dramatically by over 100, but both AoE damage and health are being cranked up. In total, the Baron’s base health is going all the way up to 9,000. For reference, it’s only at 6,400 right now, so that’s a buff of 2,600 to its health bar.

The reasoning behind these changes is solid. Despite increases in power to the rewards that Baron gives its slayers, the objective as a whole still isn’t carrying the same weight or pressure it needs to in certain games. In other words, if your team doesn’t have a tank, which it should need every single game, Baron won’t be worth the trouble to take because it deals too much damage to a single target.

Without tanks, or rather, without powerful tanks when the Baron actually spawns, games can drag on as teams dance around other objectives while avoiding the pit. This puts a lot of pressure on teams to run tanks, which isn’t a healthy pattern. By lowering the Baron’s solo damage, squishier targets will be able to balance its damage, but it won’t go down much faster with so much more health. On paper, it seems this is the perfect change to make.

The changes for the legendary monster Baron Nashor must be arriving with upcoming patch 8.9 next week.

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Jalal Tarabulsy

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