The newest champion Kai’Sa with amazing mixed abilities on the way to League of Legends

The newest champion Kai’Sa with amazing mixed abilities on the way to League of Legends

Kai’Sa the Daughter of the Void was revealed today as League of Legends’ next champion. Kai’Sa is the 140th champions until now.



One of the main features of her kit and perhaps her whole playstyle is her brand new Plasma system. Her basic attacks will mark enemies with this new passive, and after attacking a few more times, the Plasma bursts, dealing significant damage. As a ranged ADC, she’ll be landing a lot of basic attacks, so this will be devastating.

Here is Kai’Sa’s full kit.

Passive: Second Skin

Kai’Sa’s basic attacks mark enemies with Plasma, dealing increasing bonus magic damage. After a few successive attacks, the Plasma ruptures for a burst of damage based on the target’s missing health. Nearby allies’ immobilizing effects add stacks of Plasma.

Q: Icathian Rain

Kai’Sa releases a swarm of missiles evenly distributed among nearby enemies, with additional hits on the same target dealing slightly reduced damage.

With enough bonus Attack Damage, Icathian Rain fires significantly more missiles.

W: Void Seeker

Kai’Sa fires off a beam of Void energy, revealing the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage, and applying stacks of Plasma.

With enough bonus Ability Power, Void Seeker deals more damage and partially refunds the cooldown on champion hit.

E: Supercharger

Kai’Sa charges up, briefly increasing her movement speed but losing the ability to attack. After charging up, Kai’Sa whips out the big guns to increase her attack speed for a few seconds. Basic attacks reduce Supercharger’s cooldown.

With enough bonus Attack Speed, Supercharger briefly grants true invisibility while charging up.

R: Killer Instinct

Kai’Sa dashes at extremely high speed with long range to a location near an enemy champion marked with Plasma and briefly gains a damage-absorbing shield.

Kai’Sa’s Bullet Angel skin

Both Ornn and Zoe’s release skins were priced at 1350 RP, so it’s safe to assume that Kai’Sa’s Bullet Angel skin will be as well.

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