One for all mode is returning with patch 8.6 in League of Legends

After hints last month that One for All would return soon to League of Legends, Riot has now given an official timeline. The company’s recent announcement says it’ll be here with Patch 8.6, which arrives March 21.

One for all is the special event game mode that allows your team to all pick the same champion. Imagine a world in which five Evelynn’s can run around the map invisible all at once, or five of the new Swain can pull a champion with their passive at the same time until they die. Given the chaos and wackiness inherent in the game mode, it has become one of the most popular special modes ever featured.

Last week’s patch marked the third patch in a row in season eight to launch on a Wednesday, which helps us confirm the exact date that Patch 8.6, and therefore the One for All game mode, will arrive. When it finally makes its return in March, it’ll be the first time the game has been available to play in over a year.

Last month, Riot confirmed in a post on the official game forums that its design team had paused all other Rotating Game Mode iterations in order to figure out how to make One for All work with the new client. That being said, we knew it would be coming soon, but we didn’t think it would be this soon.

Patch 8.4 should arrive next Wednesday on Feb. 24, putting 8.6 and One for All an even four weeks away from then.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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