Everything we know about new Patch 8.13 in League of Legends

Many big changes on the way to Meta with today Patch 8.13, including Aatrox update, Buffs, Nerfs, and more, according to the official patch note by Riot.

Aatrox’s changes are definitely the largest of this patch, but there’s still a long list of significant changes and balance changes, with this year’s 2018 VS. Event. And all changes are here below in this report:




  • Ionian Fervor (P): On-hit damage lowered significantly from 10-66 depending on level to 4-48. On-hit scaling changed from 8-16 percent total AD to a flat 16 percent bonus AD. Attack speed at max stacks increased from 20-40 percent depending on level to 30-50 percent.
  • Defiant Dance (W): Minimum base damage raised at later levels. Minimum total AD scaling lowered from 60 percent to 50. Maximum base damage lowered at later levels. Maximum total AD scaling lowered from 120 percent to 100.
  • Flawless Duet (E): Mark duration lowered by one second.
  • Vaguard’s Edge (R): Mark duration lowered by one second.


  • AD growth lowered from 3.11 to 2.75.
  • Culling (R): Damage boost to minions lowered from 400 percent to 200.


  • Hookshot (E): Base damage lowered significantly at all ability ranks.

Dr. Mundo

  • Masochism (E): AD boost lowered at later ability ranks.

Master Yi

  • Alpha Strike (Q): No longer deals bonus damage to minions. Mana cost lowered by 20 at all ranks.


  • Health regeneration lowered from nine per five seconds to seven per five seconds.
  • Bellows Breath (W): Flame width and length decreased.


  • Fling (E): Max health damage lowered from 6-8 percent depending on rank to 4-8 percent.
  • Insanity Potion (R): Stat boost lowered by five at all ranks.


  • Dazzle (E): Base damage lowered significantly at all ranks. Armor scaling raised from 30 percent to 50 percent.
  • Cosmic Radiance (R): Cool down raised by 20 seconds at all ranks.


  • Tides of Blood (E): AP scaling while fully charged lowered from 100 percent to 80.


  • Spell Thief (W): Total AP scaling lowered from 75 percent to 65. Movement speed boost duration lowered at later ranks.


Guinsoo’s Rageblade

  • AD and AP boost per stack lowered from four percent to 2.5 percent.

Death timers

  • Death timer changed from 10-22.5 seconds from levels one to six to a flat 16 seconds. Death timer at level seven lowered from 25 seconds to 21. Death timers from level eight onward are unchanged.


  • Bounties now start at two kills and reward 150 gold. At three to six kills, the bounty is being increased from 200-325 depending on kills to 300-500. Any kill past that will reward 50 bonus gold per kill, up from 25.

Outer turret gold

  • Global gold for outer turrets lowered from 100 gold per player per turret to 50 gold.




  • Wolf’s Frenzy (W): Kindred now gain stacks of Hunter’s Vigor from moving and attacking. When charged, they heal for up to 100 at level 18, based on missing health. No longer lowers monster attack speed. Wolf’s attack speed now scales with items.


  • Health growth lowered from 110 to 100. Armor growth raised from four to five. MR growth raised from 1.25 to 2.
  • Phantom Undertow (E): Base damage lowered slightly at later ranks. AD scaling raised from 80 percent to 100.
  • Death from Below (R): Base damage lowered at all ranks. AD scaling raised from 60 percent bonus AD to 80 percent.


  • Drunken Rage (W): Cool down lowered from 8-4 seconds depending on rank to a flat five seconds. Now gives Gragas 50 range on his next attack.

Jarvan IV

  • Martial Cadence (P): Now deals a minimum of 20 damage.
  • Demacian Standard (E): Cool down lowered from 13-11 seconds depending on rank to a flat 11 seconds. Base damage raised significantly at early ranks.


  • Switcheroo! (Q): Rocket bonus damage raised from 210% to 220%. Bonus damage on rockets can now multiply with crits.
  • Zap! (W): Total AD scaling raised from 140 percent to 160 percent.


  • Rend (E): Total AD scaling per spear after the first raised slightly.


  • Nether Blade (W): Now costs one mana. AP scaling raised from 70 percent to 80.
  • Force Pulse (E): AP scaling raised from 70 percent to 80.
  • Riftwalk (R): AP scaling raised from 30 percent to 40.


  • Command: Dissonance (W): Cool down lowered by two seconds.


  • Health regeneration increased from 5.5 per five seconds to seven per five seconds.
  • Blade of the Exile (R): Cool down lowered by 10 seconds at rank one and five seconds at rank two.


  • Explosive Charge (E): Four-stack bonus AD scaling raised significantly at higher ranks.


  • Spinning Slash (E): Cool down lowered by two seconds at later ranks.


  • Contaminate (E): Max bonus AD scaling raised from 150 percent to 210 percent.


Domination patch stats

  • Domination and Precision: AP/AD raised from 13/7.8 to 14/8.4.
  • Domination and Sorcery: AP/AD raised from 18/10.8 to 20/12.
  • Domination with Resolve: AP/AD raised from 9/5.5 to 10/6.
  • Domination and Inspiration: AP/AD raised from 18/10.8 to 20/12.

Hail of Blades

  • Out of combat cool down lowered from five to four seconds.
  • Max time allowed between attacks raised from 1.5 seconds to two seconds.

Aatrox Update

New Aatrox Abilities:

Passive: Deathbringer Stance

Q: The Darkin Blade

W: Infernal Chains

E: Umbral Dash

R: World Ender

New Skins

New Amazing Skins for both Darius and Garen with cost 1820 RP for everyone, and new collection of missions inside the new event 2018 VS.



The new Patch 8.13 is available now when update your won League of Legends client.

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