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PewDiePie finally gives up and plays Fortnite in his war against T-series

If you have been following the latest Internet news, you may have heard about the current e-war between the current king of Youtube PewDiePie and the Indian production company T-Series, both of which are making headlines in their long-term fight to get the biggest number of Internet subscribers



The 29-year-old Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has been named the most popular YouTube channel for many years since winning the title from the Smosh network, but a mysterious channel called T-Series has represented his greatest threat with its sudden appearance late last year where it was expected that the Indian song and film production firm will surpass the Swedish Youtuber in a short period of time, but PewDiePie, with the help of a number of friends, managed to maintain his record number all the way to 83 million subscribers, gaining about 20 million new subscriptions since the war with the Indian company

However, T-Series numbers continued to grow faster and it was only a matter of time before it caught up with the number one on the platform. This morning, the gap narrowed to less than 50,000, prompting PewDiePie to do something he never thought he would do: Play Fortnite.

The famous Yotuber did not make his hatred of the game secret, he mocked it in many of his previous videos despite admiting its success and fame. Today, in a final attempt to stop T-Series, the king of Youtube swallowed his pride and decided to enter the world of Fortnite officially, where he made a live broadcast for an hour and a half by playing the most popular game in the history of online games for his fans.

It seems to have brought in a good number of new subscribers thanks to Fortnite’s great fame. In fact, Felix gained more than 90,000 new subscribers within the first hour of his broadcast, pushing the inevitable fate for a few more days waiting for his next major plan.

Speaking of what is coming next for Pewdiepie, the famous youtuber “MrBeast” – who has contributed to a number of crazy plans such as the promotion of the Swedish celeb on his city’s billboards – has hinted that he might be showing a Pewdiepie ad during the Superbowl football event, which is one of the biggest annual sporting events in the world, to be seen alongside Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who will have his own segment during the massive sporting event too.


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