PUBG had sold 5 million copies in October alone according to report

PUBG had sold 5 million copies in October alone according to report

While other game companies struggle to move a million copies of a certain game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds made multiple in one month, with 5 million copies sold in October alone according to research firm SuperData.

This makes October’s sales a full quarter of lifetime alleged 20 million copies sold so far. The game hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down either, especially considering that it’s coming out on Xbox One within the next few weeks. On the other hand, report states that Fortnite: Battle Royale, PUBG free-to-play counterpart, has seen a higher out-of-the-gate active user base due to its free-to-play status and being available on consoles before PUBG.

The revenue of Fortnite pales in comparison to PUBG’s, of course, as PUBG’s $30 price point has generated much more in sales than Fortnite’s cosmetics shop. SuperData notes that December will be a big month for both games in general, considering PUBG’s release to console and the addition of the new desert map, and Fortnite’s incoming limited-time holiday event.

PUBG is now the second-highest grossing PC game in the world in October, behind only League of Legends.

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