Smite will be an automatic choice for junglers with upcoming patch 8.18

Smite will be an automatic choice for junglers with upcoming patch 8.18

Riot is planning to make Smite an automatic choice for junglers with upcoming patch 8.18, according to the official announcement by company.



Sometimes the jungle player are load into the game having forgotten to take Smite during champion select. The rest of the game feels like an agonizing four-vs-five as the jungler struggles to clear even the weakest camps without a jungle item. But that all might change soon.

In a post on the Riot forums, a player expressed that Smite should be automatically assigned to junglers in champion select. The first comment came from another player who sarcastically indicated that, because this would improve the game, Riot would not implement the feature. But in real, Riot’s working on this feature to be available soon.

Riot has experimented with enforcing Smite on junglers in the ongoing alpha test of Nexus Blitz, a new, experimental game mode. Unlike the other common game modes, Nexus Blitz features two junglers. In order to reduce confusion in champion select, the game automatically chooses Smite for the two junglers in champion select. Perhaps seeing how effective and painless that was for programmers and players gave Riot the green light to push this through to other game modes as well.

The new change will definitely help you avoid those catastrophic jungle games where you can’t even clear a red or blue buff without dying. Whether it will help your autofilled jungler to not feed enemy team.

This change set to be arrive with upcoming patch 8.18 this week.

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