Zed on the way to power changes in League of Legends

Zed on the way to power changes in League of Legends

Zed will get some Buffs, according to latest PBE update.



Zed’s buffs are very simple. He’s getting a slight boost to his attack speed, which will help him to farm, push down towers, and trade damage in extended fights. It isn’t much of a buff, but it will give him more of an edge in both solo queue and professional appearances. The real winner of Zed’s buff list is his Living Shadow.

The duration of the ability it is being extended to five seconds from 4.5 seconds. That’s only a half second increase, and normally, it would be insane to insinuate that this half second would have much of an impact. Not this time, though. With that extra half second, at 40 percent cooldown reduction, Zed is now able to cast his Shadow Slash three times and his Razor Shuriken twice while his shadow is active.

If you timed it properly before this buff, you could still get two Q’s off, but you would only be able to get three E’s, so that half second can give him a lot of burst later in the game. That’s only if you do both abilities at once. If you only use your E, you can get three off, but now you’ll be able to get three off with two Q’s as well.

Not to mention, that’s a half second longer that Zed can toy with his enemies, giving him a longer window of time to poof to and from his clone—either into battle or away from it.

These Buffs on PBE now and will be available with upcoming patch 7.17.

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