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Aimers Alive reachs WCA 2017 CS: GO MENA regional grand final

We have already arrived and probably quickly to the results of the third day of the current MENA regional finals of the WCA 2017 Championship for CS: GO.

The first game of the day held a strong and full-blown clash between Nasr Esports and Aimers alive.

The Nasr Esports team in the first map overpass assured everyone the won’t  submit or surrender. Despite a decline in their performance during the first rounds, the team made a bold rebound in which they beat the balance of the battle, to win the map 16-12 .

As for the second map inferno witnessed an unprecedented conflict and gave us a strong comeback in a way Nasr Esports did not expect, which perhaps what made their planning shake during the rounds of the battle, although they tried a lot to recover for the hard win, but the final words was for the team Aimers Alive, The last round is undoubtedly the best, especially with a unique brilliance of 3arkooz, and ironically, he managed to win the same result as the previous map, which is 16-12 and this time for Aimers alive certainly.

The tournament system prompted us to move to a third map to identify the victor. The result is now tied. After a long and bitter struggle and brilliant performance from all the players to win the rounds, until Aimers alive closed the match with a final 16-10. Qualifying to the finals and thus to the main event of the World Championship.

The WCA 2017 or Word Cyber Arena 2017 MENA qualifiers are the first in the region and are organized by eSports Middle East with sponsorship of Hub Zero and MSI Middle East.


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