WCA 2017 Middle East – CS:GO Qualifiers

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World Cyber Arena (WCA 2017) a USD 700,000 international tournament will kick-off for the first time in Middle-East and North Africa to be live streamed from Hub Zero sponsored by MSI Middle East, a chance for regional professional teams looking for recognition to enter the tournament and win from a total prize pool of 135,000 Dirhams plus a chance to compete for as well as qualifying to compete on a global scale at the WCA 2017 Grand Finals in China by the end of the year..

Nations Qualifiers date:

Lebanon teams: 23- 24 September 2017 / Beirut
AYZ Net – AdonisNet

UAE teams:  22- 23 September 2017
Hub Zero – City Walk.

Hub Zero هب زيرو

All other countries
On the 23  September 2017  – Online

Main Event:

From 27 to 30 September 2017 .



Regional Prizes for CS:GO

First Place: 80,000 Dirhams + Play at Qualify to China

Second Place: 40,000 Dirhams + Play at Qualify to China

Third Place: 16,000 Dirhams

Rules and regulations

– At least 3 of the 5 players must have the nationality of the country they represent or have the residence in that country.
– The prize money is awarded to the top three after the final tournament in China..
– During registration , the name of the real player must match his travel documents or he will be prevented from participating in the finals in case of qualification

– Participation of reserve players with more than one team is no allowed.

– There is no minimum age as long as the player can get travel permission from his parents.

– After the start of the tournament, no team will be able to change players for any reason.
– At the start of the tournament the team must be present in the venue half an hour before the game starts, any delay mans complete elimination.
– The tournament will be subject to strict laws that match WORLD CYBER ​​ARENA and ESPORTS INTEGRITY in fighting fraud and ensuring fair play.

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You can watch live broadcast from Hub Zero on our channels Youtube , Twitch and Facebook.



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