Arab World Qualifiers World Cyber ​​Arena 2017 Middle East

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Nations Qualifiers date::

Lebanon teams: 16 – 17 September 2017 / Beirut
AYZ Net – AdonisNet

UAE teams: Hub Zero – City Walk, Dubai

Dota2: 15 – 16 September 2017

CS:GO: 22- 23 September 2017

Hub Zero هب زيرو

All other countries
Between 18-23 September 2017  – Online

Main Event:

The official event schedule (the Arab World Qualifiers) will be published among the strongest teams after the closing of the registration on 14 September 2017.


About the qualifiers

World Cyber Arnea (WCA 2017) a USD 700,000 international tournament will kick-off for the first time in Middle-East and North Africa to be live streamed from Hub Zero sponsored by MSI Middle East, a chance for regional professional teams looking for recognition to enter the tournament and win from a total prize pool of 320,000 Dirhams plus a chance to compete for as well as qualifying to compete on a global scale at the WCA 2017 Grand Finals in China by the end of the year..

Regional Prizes

DOTA2 Prizes

1st Place: 106,000 AED + Play at Qualify to China

2nd Place: 53,000 AED

3rd Place: 26,500 AED

CS:GO Prizes

1st Place: 80,000 AED + Play at Qualify to China

2nd Place: 40,000 AED + Play at Qualify to China

3rd: 16,000 AED

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Registration is available to all Arab countries, and you can be registered as single players looking for a team, or as a team by clicking on the game logo.



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 You can watch live broadcast  on our channels Youtube , Twitch and Facebook.


WCA Middle East Dota2
WCA Middle East CSGO

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