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WCG shares first four games that will be present at its awaited 2019 return

The year 2019 will see the return of one of the world’s biggest esports championships to resume its competitions. World Cyber ​​Games 2019 will soon be returning and these are the games we know about so far


Although the return of the tournament after a five-year halt is something that we have been aware of since the end of last year, we have more exciting details today regarding some of the games that the international teams will compete in.

WCG Inc. will bring its tournament in July 18. The new edition promises the adoption of many high-tech techniques to entertain the viewers of esports, including virtual reality, augmented reality and robotics. As for the games to be contested, the organization has revealed four which are currently Dota 2, Clash Royale, Honor of Kings and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

The return of WCG is credited to the full support of China’s Xi’an Government, which began investing in esports in 2017 by choosing Qujiang New District as a creative and urban center for local esports development. Since then, it has collaborated with several big names in the Chinese f such as Team WE and Banana Culture to build an expanded platform for e-sports.

WCG has carved a name in the memory of e-sports since its inception in 2000 to be recognized as one of the largest e-sports championships for 14 years ending its last event in Kunshan China in 2013. Following the World Cyber ​​Games with the rules and legislation of the World Championship WESG known and characterized By meeting the Olympic standards in its various competitions.

At the moment, you can listen to the new version of WCG’s “Beyond the Game” song, which was written by the famous artist Steve Aoki to build the thrill about this upcoming return:


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