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Week four in NA LCS in League of Legends

The dust has settled and Immortals stands on top.

The team overcame two strong challengers in CLG and Dignitas, but emerged victorious to cement their claim as the best team in North America. They are using clean team play to dominate opponents, and new jungler Jake “Xmithie” Puchero has been a godsend. In some ways, even though their record isn’t as good, this team is playing better than the Season Six squad.

Immortals will have another chance to prove their mettle in week five, when they battle TSM.

The week four power ranking teams in NA LCS

10- FlyQuest with 7 points

9- Team Liquid with 12 points

8- Phoenix1 with 15 points

7- Echo Fox with 20 points

6- Team EnVyUs with 26 points

5- Team Dignitas with 30 points

4- Cloud9 with 34 points

3- CLG with 41 points

2- TSM with 46 points

1-Immortals with 48 points


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