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WEGA eSports World Cup is coming to the Middle East this year

A unique event that will bring the hearts of millions of esports fans together as their attention is turned towards the Arab region, namely Qatar, where WEGA eSports Cup was announced to be held in for the first time in the region starting this year


Qatar is in the spotlight for a number of sporting events and global competition, most notably the FIFA World Cup in 2022, but the new event, in partnership with Aspire Zone Foundation and WEGA, will put the Gulf country in front of a modern challenge to become a destination for professional video game players worldwide in the near future.

The Qatar eSports Aspire WEGA World Cup will be held on November 15th in Qatar and will continue for four consecutive years in line with the upcoming 2022 World Cup, and the tournament will be hosted annually for forty days. The event will have its own dedicated high-end facilities offered by the Aspire Zone, according to the official announcement.

In cooperation with Truxtun Capital, the first global event in the Arab world for competitive video games will offer competitions across several titles that have not yet been announced. It will represent an important step in the field of local esports and provide opportunities for Arab players to compete on their land in front of the world’s leading teams.

“We are thrilled to sign this agreement with Wega, the world’s leading e-sports organization, and to announce the first eSports World Cup in the Middle East: The Aspire WEGA World Cup,” Al Naemi is quoted to have said by The Peninsula. “We are seeking new concepts and electronic industry promises new areas for sports. We are also planning to launch several other initiatives,” he added.

The event won’t consist solely of esports, but will also “integrate various cultures and ideas among participants.” The prize money is yet to be announced and more details of this upcoming event will be unveiled within the next few months.

The field of competitive video games, or eSports, has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world with an annual growth rate of 24%, where the number of potential video players is expected to reach 6 billion players around the world in the next ten years.

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