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WESG sets the bar high for the finals but this Gordian team still holding his ground

The Asian and Pacific qualifiers for the WESG World Championships have been launched since January 11 and will continue until tomorrow, January 14.


WESG Asia-Pacific Regional Finals is set to kick off tomorrow in Jiaozhou, Qingdao, China from January 11-14. We have compiled all the information you need to know about the tournament.

The Chinese event will take place at Fangyuan Sports Center, giving out ten qualification spots to the World Finals and two spots to the female World Finals in March. With reigning Major champions Gambit and Chinese favorites Flash pulling out of the event, the organisers have decided to bring in MAX as a last-minute replacement for the Chinese side.

Gambit and Flash were originally slotted into Group C and D respectively before they withdrew. Below you can find the updated groups, with Group C down to four teams:

Group A Group B
 MVP PK  Control
 Fire Dragoon  New4
 Chosen5  Parallax
 PortaL  Wolfhound
Group C Group D
 B.O.O.T-d[S]  Recca
 SZ Absolute  Mineski
 GameTV  EMC

There have been many strong games in the tournament, and from the beginning there was a presence of the Jordanian team Chosen5 in Group A.

Chosen5 have played four games so far, and have suffered a bit of a drop and a low level, losing two of their matches, but they also have a victory in two others, saving them from elimination and proving their own skill by being among the top three Teams in the group, next to the ORDER team in the second place and the MVP PK in the first place, the two teams who are currently leading the upper section “Upper bracket” of the matches.

Chosen5’s next game in the qualifying round will be against Parallax, who now lead Group B with four wins without a loss, so the match between them will undoubtedly be fierce despite their presence in the lower bracket of the match.

The ten best teams in this tournament will move to the main event of the World Cup, and although half of the available seats are booked, the opportunity is still available to those who have the will to succeed, Thus, the presence of an Arab-Jordanian team in the main global event may become a reality.

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