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PC, iOS and Playstation 4                        Release date: mid 2014

Independent developer Jonathan Blow said that a demo of Valve’s technology convinced him to add virtual reality support to his upcoming first-person puzzle game The Witness.

thewitness-Game play 2-1280x720   thewitness-Game play 3-1280x720

The Witness is a puzzle adventure game, experienced in the first-person view. The player, as an unnamed character, finds himself on an island with numerous structures and natural formations. The island is divided into ten sections arranged around a mountain that represents the ultimate goal for the player. Within each section, the player will encounter numerous puzzles, and once the player has completed all puzzles in a section, he will gain access the puzzles within the mountain and complete the game.

the-witness-screenshot-2   thewitness-Game play-1280x720

The puzzles within each section are based on a similar theme, with early puzzles in the sections designed to help the player identify the theme and understand how to solve the later puzzles.

the witness orange   thewitness-Game play-04-1280x720

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