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Xbox boss congratulates Sony on Uncharted 4’s success

It’s always nice for us to see two competitiors coming along even though you’d imagine they’re the worst enemies. In this case, it was Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer going to Twitter and congratulating Sony and Naughty Dog on their huge success with Uncharted 4, a game we reported previously on it being the best the PS4 has to offer yet.

“Congrats Naughty Dog and Shuhei Yoshida on another great Uncharted with Uncharted4, amazing work.” said the tweet, which was then replied to by Yoshida saying “Thanx Phil, see you at E3”

Uncharted 4 comes to PS4s worldwide May 10. The game achived high scores thanks to its amazing visuals, dramatic story and great gameplay mechanics marking Drake’s latest and last game as his best adventure yet.

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