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This year’s iteration of Call of Duty is being developed by Treyarch

As we all know a new year means a new CoD game. Many speculations led to the unsurprising confirmation from Activision that Treyarch studios are indeed handling the development of the new game, possibly World At War II as rumors has it. Treyarch were responsible for previous games in the series like Black Ops and World At War.

The development cycle of a Call of Duty game has been stated by Activision to be a continuous circle between the three developers Sledgehammer, Infinite Ward and Treyarch. The first of which made last year’s Advanced Warfare while IW brought Ghosts to us in the year before. So what Activision Blizzard announced during their financial call of Q4 was really inevitable.

Works on the 2016 CoD title have already begun too as a “top team” is handling the game right now, but that’s still a bit early.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released for PC, PS3/4 and Xbox 360/One later last year and was praised by fans to be the first good Call of Duty title in a while after the disappointment that was Ghosts.

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